Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rielle Hunter - The MHWIA

Unfortunately, I hate to admit it, but I have been the other woman before—one time knowingly, the other unknowingly. At both times, I believe Karma dealt me horrible blows for my inexcusable actions…blows that made me fall to my knees and repent for my erring ways. Rielle Hunter not so much.

The most hated woman in America (MHWIA) is now saying that she and her “Johnny” have broken up. I’m not buying it. She made the announcement on “The View” in what I think was a ploy to gain sympathy from women who were slated to eat her alive (and rightly so). First of all, she came on the show all covered up, unlike her “20/20” interview with a male host in which she bared her long legs for the world to see. I saw it as a manipulative ploy to gain sympathy from the ladies of “The View” so they wouldn’t light into her ass. It didn’t work.  

If you (she and John Edwards) can lie to the nation in such a bold and daring manner by coming up with baby daddy ruses, why not lie to America to gain sympathy so you can sell your book? They are smart enough to know that people wouldn’t touch that book if they are still together, so now they come up with the story that their tryst has ended? Insane. Again, I’m not buying it.

How dare that woman…the woman who slept with a married man—a married man who had a wife who had cancer nonetheless…talk about Elizabeth Edwards the way she does?! On “20/20” she called her a “witch on wheels” and blamed her for the reason why Edwards stayed—saying that Elizabeth knew how to make his life hell if he went against her wishes. And once again, the man who does wrong by breaking his vows comes out clean as a whistle while the women claw away at each other. Well, “woman” is more like it because Elizabeth can’t fight from the grave.

Shame on Rielle Hunter for blaming Elizabeth. Shame on her for letting John escape with little culpability. Shame on her for continuing to speak well of her and Edwards’ union without acknowledging how wrong it was for her (and him) to do what they did.

What Ms. Hunter is quickly forgetting is that the same way you get them is often the same way you will lose them. The only reason why she has/had her “Johnny” is because women around the world now recognize him for the scumbag he is and wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.

Look, people fall out of love and in love with someone new everyday. It’s life and we can’t help it. But to absolve yourself of wrongdoing and act like what you did wasn’t wrong is unbelievable and unacceptable. And I hope Karma pays her and “Johnny” a swift visit. But if we believe their lie, it already has because they are no longer together.

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  1. The sad part is, people's memories are short, and eventually, he'll be back on the market again. i won't condem her for what she did, and what role she played, but speaking ill of the not cool.

    I would not touch her book with a 10 foot pole.