Monday, April 30, 2012

Why We Can't Stand Kim K.

I try real hard not to bash other women. It’s such a childish thing. Women who talk about other women behind their back, call each other names, etc. irk the hell out of me, which is why it’s one of the central topics in my novel Zaire’s Place. This post is not about bashing; this post is about stating observations on an intellectual level rather than from an ego trip like some women go on. And here’s the thing: I can’t stand Kim K.

First of all, she has made a living out of doing absolutely nothing at all but put on a show in front of the camera (her reality show, her sex-tape with Ray J.…the list goes on). She is raking in the dough because she knows how to create and stir up drama and doesn’t have any talent whatsoever.

A lot of people have said what I’m saying, yet someone is supporting the trash the Kardashians throw out because they’re making millions of dollars. Is it you? I guess I can give her credit, though. Behind all that lack of talent must be a brain because she’s doing something right in order to make all that money.

Second of all, she’s manipulative and I can’t stand a manipulative person, be it man or woman. Manipulative people try to be like snake charmers making everyone submit to their will using deception. In my book, that’s so not cool. If you have talent, if you have skill, there would be no need for manipulation.

Kim treats everything like a game...the men she deals with, her life…again, the list goes on. The whole Kanye thing sealed my dislike for Kim K. How many men in Hollywood has she gone through (black men at that)? And check it, I don’t even care about the black man thing. I’m progressive enough to accept that. What I can’t stand is her attitude that men/relationships are pawns that you can use to win a prize.

Actually, when you look at it, I think she may have had the same amount of “relationships” that normal women have, but it just seems like a lot because she’s on the world stage. I'll give her that. But the sex-tape thing is just raunchy and to know that you achieved your fame because you got a big butt annoys me because I pride myself on my intelligence and readiness to learn. A woman who achieves everything because of her looks is not favorable to me.

Some people would say I’m jealous because I’m not a “model” or a stunner like Kim K….that I’m just hating. Nope. I love beautiful women and I have no problem letting them know when they’re beautiful. (I actually can’t stand when other women hate on a chick because she’s pretty. It’s so petty. We gotta do better.)

Anyway, I’m rambling. Can you please let me know when Kim/Kanye break up? Until then, I’ll keep my head buried in the sand so I don’t have to see pictures of them getting out of cars with his pants down. 

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