Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Domestic Violence Project - An Update

domestic violence
I started the Domestic Violence Project back in August 2011 when I began to collect six-word thoughts on domestic violence (to read about it, click here). It was…and still is…my hope to highlight this cause one word at a time.

Although I haven’t collected as many responses as I would have liked, we’re slowly getting there. Michelle Garrett of Divas With A Purpose helped by hosting a contest where she offered 6 Kindle copies of Zaire’s Place, for which I’m grateful.

So, without further ado, here are the responses for the Domestic Violence Project that have been collected thus far. To read my personal story dealing with abuse—“I Remember When”—click here.

If you would like to submit your six-word thought on domestic violence, e-mail or info@tcgalltin. Let’s put an end to DV one word at a time. 

The Domestic Violence Project
Your Thoughts in Six Words

It’s easy to fight the vulnerable. ~Monay Gunn

WRONG – regardless of the victim’s gender! ~ZoĆ« Davis

Emotional scars last longer than physical. ~Kenneth Weene

Relationships don’t give right to abuse. ~Trish Brown

The scars will always be there. ~TC Galltin

Hitting women is a damn shame. ~Jonnelle Galltin-Otero

Friends, don’t just ignore it – REACT! ~Michelle Garrett

Wake up: Love shouldn’t hurt. ~Maura Alia Badji

He hit me. My soul shattered. ~Dietta Lee

Love should never leave bruised bodies. ~@MrsRKFJ

Prosecute your abuser now not later! ~Ray Leibert Anita

Sorry bandages wounds, leaving heals them.
~Renita Eackels Whitlock

You are never alone – reach out. ~Jody Cowan

I would like to thank all the people who participated in the DVP so far. If you’re a victim of abuse, remember what Jody said, “You are never alone – reach out.” 

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