Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Things We Can Learn from the Movie “Aliens”

I’m a science fiction geek. To me, the greatest sci-fi movie of all time is “Aliens”. Sigourney Weaver kicked ass in that movie and I’ll always admire her take-no-prisoners attitude. So, in honor of one of my favorite movies of all time, here are a few things we need to remember in order to navigate the challenges in our own life.

Heroes come in unlikely packages. Ripley wasn’t always a heroine. If anyone would have asked her, she wouldn’t have chosen that role—the role of a champion against alien beings trying to take over the universe one host at a time. She was thrust into that role. Same thing with life. Many times, we have dreams in us…dreams that will not die. (Mine is the dream of a writer, and even though it’s a hard road, I couldn’t imagine giving it up.) You were chosen for that path. You may not feel like it…you may want to give up, but, like Ripley, you have to keep on fighting. You have to be the hero in your own story. Accept that role and revel in it.

No matter how many aliens there are, you can defeat them. “Aliens” is the second movie in the “Alien” franchise. Ripley and her crew were up against hundreds of aliens and things looked pretty bleak. I remember the scene when they were stuck in that room with the red light and all the aliens descended upon them from the ceiling. That scene was one of the greatest scenes in that movie. Yes, they were outnumbered. Yes, people died along the way, but in the end Ripley survived. It’s the same thing with your dreams. You’re going to suffer setbacks. Your dream may seem like it’s going to die (and some aspects of it very well might…that’s the nature of any journey). There will be tons of dreamkillers who descend upon you like those aliens, but you have to keep on fighting so you can come out on top.

The enemy always lives on. Never let your guard down. That doesn’t mean that you have to live in fear, but you need to remember that there are always people who don’t have your best interest at heart. Like Ripley, you will have to fight the alien in the next sequel. They may come in another reincarnation, but they are still the same alien – the ones who claim to be your friends but don’t support you in anything you do, the ones who want to kill your dreams because they are miserable, etc. The alien is out there, but you need to always remember that you are the hero…that you are the victor. And you know what? Heroes always win in the end.

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