Friday, March 2, 2012

Zaire’s Place Book Cover Contest

Hello. I’m TC Galltin, the author of Zaire’s Place, a novel that explores the lives of three women at a domestic violence shelter in Baltimore, MD. After my relationship with my ex-publisher ended, I am now looking for a person to redesign the cover of my novel so I can sell it as an e-book. Of course, most people would expect to be paid with money for their work; however, since I am in no position to do so, I have something better to offer: free promotion, which is priceless.

(UPDATE: I am now willing to offer a $50.00 cash prize along with the free promotion package. Again, free promotion is priceless and having a permanent spot on my website is invaluable. As I am promoting my book, people will become aware of your brand as well.)

As the winner of the ZP cover art contest, you will get the following:
  • A $50.00 cash prize.
  • Your name will appear as the cover artist on the title page for the ZP e-book.
  • A paragraph will be dedicated to you in the acknowledgements section for my novel.
  • Information about you will be a permanent fixture on my main website,, with a link to your website, if you have one.
  • Your services will be promoted on Twitter once a day for one month (I will create the wording for a Twitter ad for you or you can do so yourself, but I will tweet it out to my followers).
  • The contestants who do not win will still have a chance to be in the spotlight. I will display their work on my website for two weeks.

Here’s the blurb for the back cover of Zaire’s Place:

When thirty-four-year-old Charlene Wilson discovers she is dying, she makes the biggest move of her life and leaves her abusive husband. Not knowing how many days she has left, she is determined to spend them in peace. She turns to Zaire's Place, a safe-haven for battered women, to find comfort. 
Aisha Carter—better known as A.C. in her youth—is anything but cool. She has always had a chip on her shoulder. The center of every conflict at Zaire’s Place, her bitter attitude poisons the women she comes in contact with. Determined to make her enemies’ lives hell, she plots and plans their demise.
Rebecca Reich was raised in a prejudiced home and has issues with black people. A fish out of water at Zaire's Place, a predominantly African-American shelter for abused women, she is forced to rethink the lessons of her youth. 
Zaire’s Place explores the relationships among these women as their lives converge at a domestic violence shelter in Baltimore, Maryland. Will they leave their abusers for good? Can they do the required work on the inside that will prepare them for escaping the vicious cycle of abuse or coming to terms with death? Will they learn to live together in peace?
If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me at or The contest ends on March 16, 2012 at midnight.

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