Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mommy Woes: Weaning An Attached Child

People get uneasy whenever I discuss breastfeeding. I even had a man on Twitter confront me about a tweet that I sent out. But you know something…it bothers me in the least because I plan on continuing to talk about something as old as time itself. So, here we go.

One of my worst nightmares is that my one-year-old-daughter will still be breastfeeding at three-years-old. Hell, even two-years-old is too old to still be attached to the boobie. So, when she turned one, I immediately tried to transition her to whole milk. I knew it was going to be hard (my daughter is very stubborn), but I didn’t know it was going to be this hard.

As soon as I grab that sippy cup and put that cow's milk in there, she immediately pushes it away. I tried covering the sippy cup up so she couldn’t see what was in it (she loves cranberry juice now, so I tried to get her to think that’s what was in the cup). No go. She takes one sip of it and looks at me like I’m crazy.

Not only is she picky about what she’ll drink, but she’s really picky about what she’ll eat: only Cream of Wheat, prepackaged chicken marinara entrees, and mandarin oranges. Other than that, she loves the taste of her mother’s milk. While I’m flattered by that, I’m also a bit disturbed. I constantly wonder if she’s going to be underweight because she doesn’t like to eat normal food. She won’t even touch cookies. And what kid doesn’t like cookies??!! Come on now!

I love breastfeeding my little one. I love the physical contact. I love the closeness of it. But we have got to get this weaning thing done. What happens when she has to go with someone else? Yes, I can pump some milk, but I think that’s a little overboard for a one-year-old.

Besides, mommy’s life is getting busier and busier by the day. We now go out for a few hours during the day to places where it’s more difficult to feed her because we’re simply out and about. I want this weaning thing to be done and over with, if only for the sake of convenience. Let’s hope baby girl finally gets the message and self-weans.

And to all the breastfeeding moms out there, happy breastfeeding! It truly is the best thing you can do for your child. But let’s try to wean them before they turn two. ;-)


  1. I breastfed my son. Everyone has their own opinion about how long the should breast feed. Personally, I feel that you should not be breastfeeding and potty training at the same time. Most little girls are potty trained by 2. Boys are usually harder. It took my son until he was almost 3. However, I would never have been breast feeding my children past the age of 1. I really don't think I breastfed past 8 months. I weaned my son off my breast because I had to go back to work. I pumped for a while because I had a lot of milk and it was a problem but I mixed giving him the bottle and also breast feeding. It's a tough choice for mothers and yes it's a beautiful thing but at some point, if your child can crawl on your lap and say milk is it really a good idea to still breastfeed?

    1. Amen! Exactly! When she started pulling on my shirt for the boobie, that's when I began to feel the need to wean. I just can't do it any longer!! And it's so hard to get her to stop. I'm praying we can get this situation resolved. P.S. Good for you for breastfeeding!