Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Muzzle Me Now

Roland Martin
I’m stunned. CNN actually suspended Roland Martin for what they deemed to be anti-homosexual comments. Roland had tweeted that any male fans of David Beckham should have the ish smacked out of them.  He also said that that a Patriots player who wore a pink jumpsuit should have a visit from “#teamwhipdatass”.  Are Roland’s comments offensive? Of course. Should he be suspended? Absolutely not.

Let me start off by saying that I am so pro-gay that it’s not funny. If I could wear a rainbow everyday, I would. But if we as a society start suspending folks because they say something offensive, we are going to produce clones who spew the exact same thing because they are afraid to voice their true opinions.

Yes, I’m the same person who gets up in arms when the Right Wing says something bad about the Obamas. Calling for a president’s death is so different from saying something in jest. Besides, Martin didn’t direct his comments at a specific gay person like the Right Wing does when they attack the Obamas. He didn’t say gay folks need to be shot or anything like that. He was merely joking around. Yes, his jokes do stem from his anti-homosexual stance. All jokes have the views of the jester behind them. But, since when did it become okay to suspend someone because they don’t like homosexuals? You’re going to be suspending a lot of folks.

Okay. So now you’re going to say Martin is a public figure and that people look to public figures for their moral compass. Bullshit. First of all, Mr. Martin was in his own home when he sent out those tweets. It’s not like he went on CNN and said gay people should have their asses whipped. That’s another matter all together.

Critics of Martin bring up his anti-gay history. They say that this is not the first incident where Martin voiced his anti-gay views. And? Your point is? If you think Martin should change his views, how about contacting him? How about voicing your opinion letting him know that you think what he says is offensive? After voicing your opinion, that’s where it should end. A suspension is unnecessary.

As a writer, I am against censorship. What’s to say that someone wouldn’t try to censor me…that people won’t try to call for my downfall over something I write? Artists in particular need to be careful in their call for censoring another person. If Martin can be suspended over something like this, you might as well muzzle me now because I’m an opinionated woman who constantly voices my opinion.

P.S. I already know that many of you are going to be up in arms over my defense of Martin. And? This is supposed to be the USA, a country where I’m supposed to be allowed to say anything I want. Thank you, First Amendment!


  1. know I had to go on a Google fest and get totally caught up, right? I saw the original tweet and it didn't even phase me because anyone that follows Roland's twitter line knows his stance on soccer and that he says whatever the heck he wants to say. What frustrates me is that he's made what could be deemed "controversial" statements about tons of other topics but no huge upheaval has ever been made to where CNN has suspended him! Why is it that as soon as someone says anything at all in regards to homosexuality it's a huge ordeal???? Whoever the researchers for GLAAD are definitely earn their salary because they don't miss anything!!! I will concede that when you're a public figure you do have to think twice (sometimes 3 or 4 times) about what you say because you never know who you will offend or why...he has on his Twitter profile that he's a CNN analyst so I can see why they stepped in with a response....they are covering themselves because they know how vocal the gay/lesbian community is. Perhaps other groups need to take some pages out of their playbooks to see how to get a response and action taken.

    1. Michelle, do you hear that? It’s the sound of me applauding you all the way from Baltimore. Brilliantly said!!!!

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  3. Just in case you're wondering...I deleted my own comment because I meant to hit "reply" when responding to Michelle's comment. I can't believe I just realized there was a reply button a couple of days ago. LOL

    It would have been ironic for me to delete a comment on a post about censorship. *chuckles* Again, thank you, First Amendment!