Saturday, November 12, 2011

Will The Real Writers Please Stand Up?

I wanted to write this post sooner, but due to family issues, that wasn’t possible. Anyway, I’m back. Although this is old news now, I have to get my thoughts out about this. Shall we proceed? Yes, indeed.

So, that chick from that show “Basketball Wives” got a multi-million dollar book deal. I’m not about to act holier than thou and say I have never seen the show, because I have. When I had cable, I actually watched it every week. The drama was addictive, seducing you and pulling you in like a snake charmer does a snake. But then life happened and I no longer had cable. Part of me thinks that’s a good thing because I haven’t been able to watch the foolishness that is currently called “Basketball Wives.”

Anyway, I got sidetracked. Evelyn Lozada has signed with Cash Money to pen a novel based loosely on her life. Because she can’t write, she hired a former writer from “Law & Order” to help her craft her “work of fiction.”

Here’s my issue with this. I’m so sick and tired of people getting multi-million dollar book deals when they have done absolutely nothing to earn that level of acclaim but slap a few chicks on a reality show. What happened to the day when you had to have some sort of talent to be on TV or write a book?

As everyone knows, I’m a writer. *insert shameless plug* My book is called Zaire’s Place and it’s available from Amazon. I have worked hard to get my book published. Lord knows, I got so many rejection letters to build a house of paper. But, I finally got it published.

I think I’m a fairly good writer. I spent months…years…honing my manuscript to make it sing. And yet this Evelyn chick can simply hire someone to help her pen a novel and make the whole writing process a sham…a game that makes it look easy to write and publish a book.

And don’t get me started on the publicity she has already received. Because she’s notorious for her stint on reality TV, she already has the media buzzing about her book, which means she’s bound to sell thousands (if not millions) of copies because people go where the buzz is. Every single copy of Zaire’s Place that I have sold, I have had to hustle hard. *sings the “Hustle Hard” song* Why should this chick be given buzz on a silver platter?

Some people are going to say I’m jealous. Maybe I am…but only a little. I’m more angry than jealous. Since when did hard work go by the wayside? Since when did it become so easy to get something for nothing?

Many writers have slaved until their fingers were bloody to get where they are now. Pseudo-writers who come along and put their “stuff” out there cheapen our writer brand and we can’t have these watered-down writers doing that. I’m not going to say don’t buy that chick’s book because I’m not going to cock-block. But if you do, please don’t let me know about it. Peace.


  1. It's amazing isn't it? Not too long ago the author Snooki got paid more for a speaking engagement than author Toni Morrison. You know how it's recommended that authors start their marketing/promotions long before their books even come out? I think some people have taken it to a whole new level. They become known names first, then decide to write a book (or have one written in their name). That way they already have an established fan base who can't wait to get their books. Also they get their books mentioned on the various talk shows and in a few seconds get the type of advertising that most authors can't even afford to buy if they wanted to. Excellent post. Sad, but it seems as if this is a growing trend.

  2. Such a darn shame. Okay, I can understand her desire to write a book, but SHE should be writing that book. If she doesn't have what it takes, then don't write it. I think it's cheating and doing writer's injustice when celebs hire writers to write their stories.

    I always thought that the power of the writer is to put words to paper, and make them come a live. Everyone has a good story to tell, but not everyone can write them. That is what separates writers from the wannabes.

    I'm just glad that I don't have cable, and I'm not buying her book.


  3. Pam, I almost forgot about that Snooki thing. It’s truly a shame. Toni is a legend and to think that "a Snooki" can come along and overshadow her.

    As far as advertising: just like you said, in seconds they get the type of advertising that independent authors can only dream of.

    Kalley, so true…it’s cheating. You said it better than I could have (that’s another point that I meant to convey). Glad to know you won’t be buying that book. Oh, did I just say that? ;-)

  4. If you're famous first you have access to all kinds of stuff, Paris Hilton made that clear.