Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who Would You Do?

chriis brown
A while back, a Twit-friend of mine (@ShoGunChe) posed the question “Who would you do?” and started a Twitter trend. For some reason, I thought about it this morning (probably because of all the Hump Day talk). Back then I was too chicken to share my choices, but now I’m ready to share, share, share and share some more.

Although my baby daddy has ruined me for life and sex is the furthest thing on my mind, I still swoon when I see these mouth-watering men. Here are my choices:

1)   Chris Brown. Hey, don’t judge me! I know he will forever go down in history as the girlfriend-beating, window-wrecking crooner who doesn’t know what to say out of his mouth, but I have to admit: every time I see Chris Brown, I get an itch. He’s sexy and EVERYONE would agree. There’s a reason why he sells millions of records and women have forgiven him for what he did. He has that “ah” factor. Besides, he hasn’t repeated the abuse (that we know of), so I’m willing to crush on.

2)   Usher. I guess I have a thing for singers, eh? I always liked Usher. He’s the quintessential singer of baby-making songs for the past two decades. But when he came out with “Love In This Club” that solidified his sexiness for me. Those dance moves, especially at the end…damn. Just thinking about it makes me— (Um, TC, let’s move on.)

3)   Three white dudes on the CW network (not at the same time, okay!). Well, one of them is no longer on the CW. The first dude I would like to do is the guy from “Smallville” (Tom Welling). The show is now off the air but TW’s memory lives on. He’s a tall ball of hotness. And those juicy red lips…ah sucky sucky!

Then there’s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (the two guys who play brothers on the hit show “Supernatural”. Not only are they funny as hell with the quips that keep coming, but they are hot hot hot hot! Tuning into “Supernatural” every Friday is a treat.

Well, there you have it. My quick run-down of the men I would do if given a chance. That gave me a nice little break from my project. Now back to work! Have a nice Hump Day, ya’ll!


  1. Ohh, this must be the only place I can say this (looking over my shoulder for my husband), but my list consists of that guy Rain from Ninja Assasin, T.K. from Tokoyo Drift. Okay only have two in such a short time period. :-)

  2. Hey babe,

    Unfortunately, I haven't heard of them. If they caught your fancy, they must be fine specimens. ;-)