Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Would Lady Gaga Do?

lady gaga
Um…so…I’m just beginning my journey as a published author and I have to say I’m thrilled. Ecstatic. *does a jig* What is equally hard for me to admit is that I’m scared as shit. As an artist, you are opening yourself up to criticism, to judgment, to being the butt of the cyber bullies out there, which I had the joy of recently experiencing. So, to calm my nerves and sooth my mind, I had to (once again) turn to music for inspiration.

I love music and one of my favorite performers is Stefani Germanotta. I know you’re saying, “Stefani who?”  The world knows her as Lady Gaga. It wasn’t until Stefani become Lady Gaga that she experienced the level of success she is currently experiencing. When I began to worry about my new journey as an author, I had to talk to myself and ask myself what would Lady Gaga do (WWLGD) if she were in my shoes? What would she say?

As an artist, I think Lady Gaga would tell me to:

1)   Do what you were born to do. It seems like the heavens open up to support a person who is on task with their mission in life. Gaga is a powerhouse. She experienced rejection and kept it moving because she knew who she was meant to be even when the world didn’t.

2)   Embrace your outlandish side. Step outside the box. Be creative. Be unique. Be you. That’s what gets you noticed. Lady Gaga has donned every custom out there…including an outfit made of meat. While I wouldn’t advocate walking around in a meat suit, I would definitely say don’t go with the herd (no pun intended). Be different.

3)   Be genuine. I had the thrill of seeing Lady G. in action on interviews and I can honestly say that she cares about people. When she was on Oprah talking about how she roots and cheers for the underdog, I cried my eyes out. She “sees” people and makes them feel like they matter.

4)   Accept yourself. I have a lazy eye. At first I tried to hide it, which is impossible. Now I say to hell with hiding…I’m going to sport my lazy eye like a prize. People teased Gaga about her teeth, her nose. I happen to think she’s one of the most beautiful women out there. Did you see her on the cover of Bazaar? She was gorge!

5)   Don’t change. Even in Gaga’s inconsistency, she is consistent. She is true to her authentic nature. As an emerging author I struggle with this. At times I wonder if I should be more “professional.” (I curse like a sailor and embrace acronyms like LOL.) But then I say, “What would Lady Gaga do?” She would tell me to be who I am and not to change for anybody, and that’s what I intend to do.

So, in honor of Lady Gaga and the start of my journey as a published author, I’m going to leave you with the song of hers that I love the most…the amazing…the Earth-shattering “Bad Romance.” No matter how many times I hear this song, it never gets old.

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"Bad Romance"
Lady Gaga

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