Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Mighty Mighty Pill

I was on Twitter this morning (nothing new there) getting riled up about the evil formula industry that tries to peddle artificial milk to expecting moms. During that twit-versation, the subject of prenatal vitamins came up. I tried to stop myself from going on a rant but I couldn’t help it.

WBAL-TV News reported that the pill industry is now encouraging expecting moms to take prenatals that have DHA (an essential fatty acid found naturally in certain fish) in them. I wanted to throw a shoe at my TV. I’m tired of the pill industry pushing the idea that everything can be cured with a pill. What happened to the idea of healthy eating to meet your nutritional needs?

I consciously made the decision NOT to take prenatal vitamins with my daughter. And guess what?  She turned out perfectly fine. While I was pregnant and informed people (doctors, nurses, “regular” women, etc.) of my decision not to take prenatals, I was given the side-eye too many times to count. Some women even confronted me about my decision and went so far as to call me a “bad mother” for not doing what I was “supposed to do” and take those damn pills.

I’ll be honest with you…there were days when I questioned my decision. It was on those days of doubt that I became more determined to eat healthy because I knew my baby’s health depended on it. Thoughts of my baby being deformed because of my decision entered my mind, but then I would remember the experts saying that there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing” when it comes to vitamins. Too much of a nutrient can also cause birth defects. So, I felt justified in my decision and stood in it. Believe me, I wasn’t willy-nilly in deciding not to take prenatals. I did do the research. And in the end, I reached my own conclusion…to go pill-less. I refused to be brain-washed into the idea that my unborn child’s health depended on a pill.

I think that’s what wrong with the world today. Many people are under the illusion that a pill will solve any problem they are facing. There are a bunch of drugged-up zombies walking around enslaved to a pill. Got a headache? Pop a pill. Feeling mentally down? Pop a pill. Need sleep? Pop a pill. And they are doing exactly what the pill-pushing industry wants so they can profit from an ill.

Although Pink was talking about a relationship when she wrote “Just Like a Pill,” we can learn a lesson from these lines in her song:

You’re just like a pill
Instead of makin’ me better
You keep makin’ me ill.

A pill can’t solve everything. Enjoy Pink’s song.

"Just Like A Pill"

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