Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everything But “Mr. President”

President.jpg President Obama
Karma is truly a bitch. When George Bush was in office, I dragged his name through the mud, criticized him with every breath, and called him every name in the book, and in my opinion (and most of the world’s), he deserved it. I’m ashamed to admit that one time I even wished someone would take a hit out on him. I know…pretty bad. My how the tides have turned.

Now we have a President in office that I admire, that I voted for, that I wanted nothing but the best for and there is a segment of the population…a huge segment…that gets off on calling him everything BUT “Mr. President.” They have called him “boy,” used Hitler (the antithesis of Obama) and his name in the same breath, named fried chicken joints after him…the list goes on.

The most appalling thing that I saw years ago is still etched in my brain like it was yesterday. It was a depiction of President O. as an African savage, replete with a bone in his nose, a spear in his hand and a pose that looked like an animal. That picture destroyed my heart and still makes me want to hurl every time I think about it.

I’m all for free speech. Our country was founded on it. However, I have never seen the level of disrespect that our President has gotten. (Does the Congress member who shouted out while Obama was speaking ring a bell?) I mean, come on…George Bush started unnecessary wars and yet the political administration never vehemently denounced him like they are doing Obama.

The Re-pube-licans have been cockblocking our President, trying to stop him at every turn without giving viable reasons for their actions. They hate him that much and consider him “the enemy.” What has Obama done to deserve this treatment? Absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, he has been too respectful of those disrespectful folk. In an effort not to reinforce the stereotype of “the angry black man,” he has yielded too often and too much.

Many of Obama’s opponents are racist, but of course they would never admit it. The things they do have racist undertones, but they will try to find every way to blame how they are feeling on something else. “Oh, it’s his socialist policies that we don’t support,” they will say. But what about Bush? Bush ran up the deficit way more than Obama and everyone went along with it. So it was okay to for Bush to bail out Wall Street but not help the common man? Obama wants to pass the American Jobs Act and the Re-pube-licans don’t even want to vote on it even though Americans are suffering dismally.

Such a decent man does not deserve the disrespect he’s currently receiving on all ends. Yes, he could do better. Yes, he could stand up to the Republicans more. Yes, he could work harder to fight for the common man without worrying about what the opposition thinks. But there is no amount of wrong moves that deserve the verbal laceration that Obama currently receives. None. Especially when George Bush did worse.


  1. I so agree with you on this post. The hate that has been thrown his way has been appalling. Yes, I do agree that he can do better (can't we all), but he is seriously being blocked AND blamed for the crap he walked into.

    The sad thing is, he'll get hit regardless of which stance he takes. I don't see him as the kind of person who needs to be defensive. By doing that, he can't focus his efforts on doing what needs to get done.

    Now the real disrespect that I've seen was how it has been translated to the First Lady, Mrs. Obama. That is true disrespect. Since when are women supposed to be disrespected because you don't like their husbands. That's fighting words.

  2. Hey there, Ms. BWN!

    You are right indeed. Our Prez is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. What got me is when Boehner (aka Boner) tried to call Obama's defense of the Wall Street protests and his call for Republicans to sign the AJA bill as a ploy for campaigning. SMH

    And, yes, we can't forget Michelle. They have highly disrespected her, too.

    Thanks for your comments, sista!


  3. TC - thanks for saying everything I feel. I am the widow of an African American man and the mother of our bi-racial daughter, so I feel the pain of the disrespect, too. The many shaded references and the blatant outright ignorant words that surround this president. I love his elegance, and that of his wife, and that he attempted to reach out to the other side. What educated, intelligent human being wouldn't at least try? But I'm heartened that he's now fighting back a bit and hope he gives them a licking they'll never forget. As much as I admire Martin Luther King, Jr, what we need now is a smattering of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

  4. Hey, Red Mojo, thanks for stopping by!

    Yes, President Obama has done his fair share of reaching out. And you're right...what intelligent human being wouldn't try to work with him? It's a shame; it really is. I hope he gives them a licking, too! :-)