Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bleach-Throwing Baby Mamas In Baltimore

Arrested: Theresa Monique Jefferson and another woman were fighting with bleach and ammonia according to police
I love Baltimore. I really do. But damn. We’re in the news again for some crazy shit. I’m sure you guys heard about the bleach brawl between two “women” at Walmart. Apparently, the baby mama was upset about something and assaulted the “new woman” at the store. It wasn’t enough to beat the new woman up, but baby mama took bleach and another chemical (one source says ammonia, another Pine-Sol) and began to throw it on her. Really? Honey, he ain’t worth it.

This catfighting thing is really getting out of hand and I think reality TV has something to do with it. Everyday women are bombarded with images of women getting in each other’s faces, ganging up on each other, and slapping each other silly (hello…can we say “Basketball Wives”?). Women who don’t know any better are beginning to think this type of behavior is acceptable. It’s really sad. They’re acting like cave women.

I said it before and I will said it again: it’s appalling when “grown” women fight (homegirl is 33…she should know better). Any modicum of class goes down the drain because no woman with class would assault another woman. Ladies, it’s just not cute.

Now the defendant is trying to get custody of her son back. If I was the judge in that case, I would make that woman (Theresa Monique Jefferson) work for it. What kind of example is a woman who throws chemicals on another woman? If that’s how she acts in public, Lord knows what she does at home!

I know I’m bad for the joke I’m about to make, but I’m going to go there. That must have been a serious fight anytime the entire side of homegirl’s weave got ripped out. SMH

Let me leave you with a quote:

People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing. ~Will Rogers

I’m out, people. Have a scintillating Saturday.


  1. Totally agree that reality TV has influenced this, going all the way back to the '80s with Maury Povich, Jerry Springer and Morton Downey, Jr. It began there, this total lack of decorum. And folks have grown up watching that for the past 20 years and think it's okay to act the fool.

  2. Hey there, Patricia! Your comment made me LOL. I forgot all about Morton Downey, Jr. Brings back memories.

    They really do think it's okay to act the fool and it's a shame.

  3. You are sooo bad. It's true. That must have been one hell of a fight.