Friday, September 9, 2011

My Fellow Comrade

Com-rad-ery (noun)
Collectiveness; coming together for a cause

There is nothing more admirable than a socially conscious man. Add musical talent to that equation and you have a genius in the making. This is how I felt when I first came across Chris Goodman aka COMRADE, the first music artist from Bani Productions.

I was first introduced to COMRADE’s music via a link on Twitter. When I watched his video and heard his beats, I was reminded of a time when music had a consciousness—a soul—and I found myself taping my feet and thinking of the Fugees or Common. But COMRADE is unique. His flow is smooth, tasteful and his lyrics are about more than the bling and hoes that is currently prevalent in hip-hop music.

COMRADE is active in the community by being involved in the social issues of our time and has spread his musical talent across the country. This young brotha deserves all the recognition that he has currently received…from being listed as one of the change makers under thirty for the “b” newspaper to receiving the Beacon of Light award.

But enough about his background. Bani Productions is releasing a mixtape called “COMRADEmuzic” on September 11th and I wanted to highlight their music. I asked COMRADE a few questions so I could get to know him better. 

TC:                  What made you decide to release your mixtape on September 11th given the history of that day?

COMRADE:   I decided to release "COMRADEmuzic" on 9/11 because it’s a day of alarm. Like my music, this day really shook the world but instead of celebrating a tragedy, I am releasing music that will both uplift you and challenge you politically.

TC:                  That sounds great. I’m curious…what is your favorite quote?

COMRADE:   It’s a quote by Assata Shakur: "We have nothing to lose but our chains."

TC:                  Man, that’s pretty deep right there. I hope people take that to heart and remember that. Here’s a simple one for you: What is your favorite color?

COMRADE:   Black is my favorite color. Since I was young, I loved black. It's strong, bold and meaningful.

TC:                  And lastly, what is your favorite book?

COMRADE:   The Autobiography of Malcolm X

TC:                  Enough said. There’s no explanation necessary for that choice. *smile*

I would like to thank COMRADE for his time and I wish him the best of luck on the release of his mixtape. Check out his video below so you can sample his flava. Don’t forget to visit his website to find out more about COMRADE and COMRADEmuzic.

"Yellow Widow"

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