Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You’re Gonna Kill Somebody!

It never fails. I lock my baby girl into her car seat, get into my car and then say a prayer because I just know I’m going to encounter an idiot on the road. An idiot who is going 50 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. An idiot who wants to ride my tail even though he can see that I have a baby in the back seat. An idiot who wants to zoom in and out of lanes like he’s a Nascar driver.

I’m sick and tired of these road demons out here putting people’s lives in jeopardy. In Maryland, I see it too many times to count. People are driving around like they are insane…like they don’t care about their lives or the lives of anyone else.

Nowhere is my fear more acute then when I drive on the highway. I remember one night when it was pouring down raining and I was on a two-lane interstate. There was an accident straight ahead and my heart did a dance because people were getting over into my lane, but they weren’t slowing down to make the switch. The only thing I could think was, “Please don’t hit my car. I have a baby that I love to death.” I could see images of something bad happening to me and my little girl. I won’t go into detail about the images I imagined because I don’t want to give those thoughts life, but, that night, a person changing lanes almost hit me. I screamed in the silent automobile and gestured madly so the driver could see how upset I was.

What was that dude thinking? It was raining cats and dogs and he saw a bad accident ahead and yet he didn’t slow down!?! That has got to be the ultimate sign of disrespect for human life that I have ever seen. Shouldn’t seeing that accident make the road demon in him pause and say, “Wow, that could have been me.” No. Instead he and others act like it can’t happen to them and continue to play around with 2,000-pound toys (a.k.a. automobiles).

Another thing that gets to me is when I see “monkey-see…monkey-do” situations. It happens all the time. One idiot is going 90 miles an hour and then you see other cars behind him follow the lead and do the same thing. Stupid.

And it’s not just men either. Women are engaging in this stupid behavior just as much. I have seen women on social media networks boast that they drive like a maniac. Only they don’t call themselves maniacs. “Get out of my way, slow drivers!” they would say with pride telling everybody that they like to speed. Stupid.

I just don’t get it, people. Why are you in such a hurry? Where are you going? What if you hit someone and kill them? That place that you’re in such a rush to get to is still going to be there, but, yet, you just snuffed the life out of an innocent mother. An innocent baby. An elderly lady.

Slow down, people! Me and my baby girl would appreciate it.

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