Saturday, July 23, 2011

It Irks Me When...

Unfortunately, idiots dump their trash in the alley
behind my house and this is what it looks like.

It was the perfect spring afternoon. We were on our way to grab something to eat and I was feeling good. He was the assistant director of a non-profitsmart, tall, really dark, geeky (just how I like them). He made me hear wedding bells and I’m not even a fan of marriage…never believed that two people can remain linked for eternity. That day, the birds were chirping away in my universe because I was so dang happy. And then he did “it”, and I could hear that proverbial record scratch as everything around me paused. No he didn’t just throw that piece of trash out his car window! I thought. Oh sh*t. Yes, he did. I told him how I felt right on the spot, but I tried to lace my words with kindness so as not to offend someone I was just getting to know.

I can’t stand a litterer. There’s nothing that says you just don’t give a f*ck than throwing trash on what God has blessed us with—this Earth. To me, littering is like sh*tting where you sleep. You wouldn’t take a dump where you lay your head, now would you? So why do people dump trash in their neighborhood, in their town, in the seas, etc.?

Right now, I live in Brooklyn, Maryland, and it’s one of the dirtiest places I have ever lived. Littering is like a virus that majority of the residents here have caught. To them, it’s nothing to throw their garbage bags full of trash in the alley where rats and other creatures can rip them apart in search of food. You got bulk trash? Well, just throw it in the alley. Everyone else does it, they must tell themselves, because I see mattresses, bedroom dressers, everything, in our alleys.

And the trash STINKS from here to holy heaven. I hate when I walk pass a street lined with trash and instead of inhaling fresh air, I am greeted by the smell of urine mixed with garbage that the trash collectors haven’t picked up in weeks. There’s this stupid rule in Baltimore that your trash has to be in a trash can in order to be picked up. If it’s in a bag, the city will leave it there. Well, if I were the mayor, I would rather have the garbage picked up (trash can or not) rather than lying there for weeks on end to rot in the scorching sun. What does that say about Brooklyn…about Baltimore in general?!

I am the type of person who will put my trash in my purse and hold it all day until I find a trashcan just to avoid littering. Littering is so unclassy. And those who do it are like scum because they don’t value anything they come in contact with, especially our planet, their city, their neighborhood. 

So what happened to Mr. Successful? Oh, he turned out to be a jerk. If I would have seen his littering as a sign to run the other way, I wouldn’t have had to find out the hard way what type of person he really was. I could have saved myself eight precious months. And the trash he threw out the window? Unfortunately, it’s probably in the ocean somewhere still tormenting God’s beautiful creatures.

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