Monday, July 4, 2011

I See Predators…

…and they’re all around us.

Once again, I got the news about Chris Hansen via tweet and exclaimed “get out!” when I heard he had been caught cheating on his wife. Chris Hansen is the icon from Dateline who made catching predators (i.e. child molesters) fun. His to ‘Catch a Predator’ segment would make you laugh, make you angry, and on occasion make you cry because we live in a pretty f*cked up world where nasty men would want to have sex with, look at, or fondle a child. What’s ironic is that Hansen was the subject of the very same sting operation he employed. But Hansen’s cheating ways is not the subject here. Child molestation is.

Last summer in Baltimore, I heard too many stories on the news about little girls getting molested by their mother’s new boyfriend. On two separate occasions the girls contracted gonorrhea from their molesters and, check this out…the little girls were both under two years of age. Sick! 

One day a group of women and I were talking about child molestation and swapping stories. A young woman from Brazil told us about a father who got caught molesting his daughter after the authorities found semen in the infant’s…THE INFANT’s…stomach. Apparently, the father was having his baby girl suck his penis. (That’s why I cringed when I heard a male say “babies like to suck” in reference to my little girl when she was sucking on her fingers one day). I say again, what kind of world are we living in where men will molest their DAUGHTERS???!!!!!

Here’s what we should do to these sick, twisted f*cks: let’s put them on an island (along with murderers, rapists, etc.) with no food and let them go to work on each other.  That will take care of those demented fools. Sadly, you don’t know who the fools are. They can be your brother, your uncle, your friend, that neighbor next door. The list goes on. I just pray that my daughter never encounters one of them because I WILL be in jail for murder.

Yes, Mr. Hansen got caught cheating, and believe me, I don’t take cheating lightly. However, at this time I would like to thank Chris Hansen. Even though he’s a cheater, the Universe recognizes the good he has done, and so do I.

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