Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glenn Beck Gets “Lynched”

When I first opened the tweet from a news source that said Glenn Beck had been “attacked” in New York City, I braced myself. I was expecting to read that he had been assaulted, shot, hit with a brick….something. Instead, the news source reported that Mr. Beck was on the receiving end of (brace yourselves)…words. While he and his family watched a movie at the park, a woman shouted, “We hate conservatives here.” Others joined in on the verbal lashing and during the brouhaha, a drink was spilled on Mr. Beck’s wife. The lady who spilled the drink said it was an accident, but whether or not that was the case is not the issue here. What I find appalling is that Beck compared the assault to being lynched. 

As we all know, Beck is known for his histrionic rhetoric.  He can take an issue and twist it like a pretzel, which he did yet again with this lynching business. What Mr. Beck experienced is no where near what black men have experienced when they were actually lynched. A lynching results in death. Mr. Beck did not die. He may have been embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed, etc. but you can always bounce back from that. You can’t bounce back from death. Mr. Beck, how dare you compare a verbal assault to being lynched? 

To me, Glenn Beck got a dose of his own bitter medicine. He has been verbally assaulting people for years and now that Karma paid him a visit, he’s crying like a baby and comparing what happened to him to a lynching.   

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone violence or the invasion of someone’s personal space when they are having a night out on the town.  However, if you are capable of spewing such hateful, vitriolic language, you need to be prepared for the outcome.  In a country where free speech reigns supreme…the same right that Beck benefits from…Mr. Beck needs to be prepared to be verbally assaulted again. Hopefully next time he won’t compare it to being lynched, but it’s Mr. Beck we’re dealing with, and judging by his track record, I doubt he’s learned his lesson.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Gotta agree with you. I get free speech and I'm thankful it on many levels, but there seems as though there should be a limit, at least to what is broadcast. Vile is vile, but vile speech in private and vile speech disseminated are vastly different, imo.

    1. I just noticed that I never responded to this. You will probably never see this, Patricia, but I couldn't agree with you more.